I’m gonna let you into a little secret… The past few days, i’ve been desperate for attention. Ever since the accident, you cant even be in the same room as me and you’ve barely spoke to me and when you do, you’re horrible.

Its not my fault, so stop pushing me away when I try to reassure you… Its almost like you dont love me anymore.

Title: I Don't Mind Artist: Defeater 16,297 plays


Let’s talk about the old days,
let’s talk about your friends,
let’s talk about the summer
and how you wish it wouldn’t end.

Did I forget to tell you,
how pretty you looked in that dress?
In the first time that I saw you,
you cleaned the mess from my head.

And I don’t mind,
if we take our time.
No, I don’t mind

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'If I met you in person…' Finish it in my ask.

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// I Was Scared & I’m Sorry //

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let’s watch movies with our hands down each other’s pants

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Title: Ashes To Ashes Artist: David Bowie 3,339 plays

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

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Modern Baseball- Coals (x)

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